Back Marks

Back Marks

Acne is a skin condition in which the pores and hair follicles of your skin become blocked by sweat, oil, and hair. As a result, irritating bumps and blackheads can form on the skin. Acne is the most common skin condition in teens and adults.

Some people develop acne on their back as well as their face. Scratching and picking at acne on your back can result in scarring and make your acne worse. Before treating scars caused by acne, it’s important to treat all active blemishes. Some scar treatments can’t be done alongside breakouts.

Some common causes of acne are:

  • Genetics. Trouble with acne can run in your family.
  • Medications. Acne can develop as a side effect of some medicines like certain antidepressants.
  • Hormones. Hormonal changes in the teenage years are often the cause of acne.
  • Sweat.
  • Stress.

Treatments at MELOCARE for back marks :

( The Treatments Are Tailor Made After The Doctor Has Diagnosed Your Skin )

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