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Several tiny needles are used during the microneedling technique to penetrate the skin and cause microscopic wounds. In order to make the skin smoother, firmer, more toned, and younger-looking, the therapy’s objective is to encourage the creation of new collagen and elastin.


What is microneedling?

By promoting the creation of collagen, the minimally invasive treatment of microneedling is used to treat a variety of skin issues. This procedure, also known as needle dermabrasion, dermal remodelling, percutaneous collagen induction therapy, and collagen induction, may be useful for people who want to lessen the appearance of stretch marks and acne scars.

It involves the use of a hand-held device with minuscule needles that cause numerous micro-injuries in the skin, break down existing collagen fibres, and stimulate the creation of new collagen.


How does it work?

The hand held instrument with tiny needles creates multiple superficial puncture wounds in the skin.

These tiny micro-injuries in the upper dermis trigger wound healing cascade which involves influx of numerous growth factors into the area. This in turn increases the invasion of fibroblasts which are the primary cells producing collagen and elastin.

Over a period, the newly laid collagen and elastin remodels and matures, making the skin smoother, firmer and more toned.


Microneedling Therapy

What are the benefits of microneedling treatment?

Microneedling is an excellent modality to stimulate new collagen synthesis with minimal risks and side effects.

It can improve a wide variety of conditions including:



How is the process carried out?

A minimally invasive office procedure is microneedling.

It can be performed using a variety of instruments, including

Dermaroller: a plastic tool with a handle that holds a cylindrical drum with needles at the end.

Derma stamp: a little dermaroller that resembles a stamp

Dermapens are motorised instruments that resemble pens and require the attachment of needle cartridges. The needle’s length can be changed.

The treatment’s steps are:

  • The skin has been prepped and washed.
  • The skin is pricked repeatedly and uniformly with the microneedling tool.
  • You probably won’t even notice the pin pricks after the treatment because they are so minute.
  • The skin is washed, serum or a calming lotion is applied, then the appropriate area is covered.



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