Saddle Nose

Saddle Nose

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A saddle-nose deformity is most visibly characterized by a loss of nasal dorsal height. This deformity has also been described as a pug nose or boxer’s nose , both of which refer to various degrees of nasal dorsal depression

Treatments At Melocare For Saddle Nose :


Non-surgical rhinoplasty , also known as a non-surgical nose job, injection rhinoplasty, or the “15-minute nose job”, For those who can’t afford the expense or downtime associated with surgery , or for those who are simply afraid to actually go under the knife , it can be quite a relief to hear that there is such an option available.

PDO Threads

HIKO Nose thread lift uses absorbable PDO thread to achieve a higher, straighter and sharper nose bridge. It can also improve your nose tip’s definition without the need for surgery. These threads are placed carefully in the nose to make your nose bridge and nose tip higher.

( The Treatments Are Tailor Made After The Doctor Has Diagnosed Your Skin )

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