Fore Head Lines



Adults get more lines across their foreheads as they age because they produce less collagen and elastin, the proteins that give skin its structure and flexibility, over time. The frontalis muscles in the forehead compound this issue by creasing the skin every time men frown, raise an eyebrow, or otherwise emote. For men, forehead lines are often a bigger issue than for women because men are more muscular, which means deeper wrinkles.

Skin is like a sheet of paper; the more it is folded, the more and deeper lines or creases will develop, “ Men, much like women, develop forehead lines due to activating the underlying muscles–whether in raising the brows or frowning.”

Like all face wrinkles, genetics can make forehead wrinkles better or worse for some people. Lifestyle factors also come into play. People who are chronically stressed, smoke, fail to wear sunscreen, fail to hydrate, or are vitamin deficient are more likely to have forehead wrinkles.

Treatments of forehead wrinkles MELOCARE:

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