Dark Butt

Dark Butt

How to get rid of your dark butt and buttocks?

Today we are going to talk about how to get rid of your dark butt and buttocks. The reason for dark butt is Hyperpigmentation, a condition where the colour of the skin turns darker than the surrounding area.

Dark buttocks and intimate areas are rising because of concern and embarrassment, especially for young girls and women. Skin hyperpigmentation, post-acne marks & pigmentation, atopic dermatitis, friction caused by tight clothes and prolonged sitting, stretch marks and usage of hair removal creams, and post-boil black spots are a few important causes of uneven butt and intimate areas.

Treatments at MELOCARE for dark butts:

Butt facials

Chemical peels

Co2 fractional laser

Skin resurfacing treatment

( The Treatments Are Tailor-made After The Doctor Has Diagnosed Your Skin )

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