Neck Lines

Neck Lines

Why Do We Get Lines On Our Neck?

The short answer for why we get neck lines: genetics, lifestyle, lack of regimen, sun damage, and the clock. Really, though, it’s the last two factors that play the biggest role.

“Neck wrinkles are usually a sign of underlying age-related soft tissue changes as we journey through life,”. “The facial ligaments tend to support the soft tissue, and provide a youthful contour to the face, neck and jawline. As we age, these ligaments stretch out, and this gives the appearance of sagging [and wrinkles].”

A gradual loss in collagen and elastin – another #hardtruthtoswallow about getting older – can also contribute to the development of neck lines. In other words, the clock is a cruel and unforgiving beast who takes mercy on no soul (or neck).

Many factors can be at play. While the skin on the neck is soft, it is mostly ignored. So, while we do apply sunscreen lotion on our face, we forget to rub it on the neck. This exposes the skin to harmful radiations, causing the skin to wrinkle. Additionally, genetics also determines how our skin looks as we begin to age. Also, when you keep your neck tilted a certain way, say while using your phone, you cause neck lines to appear.

Treatments at melocare for neck lines :

Hifu – to tighten and lift skin

Often referred to as the ‘non-surgical facelift’, skin tightening treatments like HIFU is highly effective in firming and lifting the skin with little to no downtime. HIFU uses ULTRASONIC energy, to deeply heat the skin. This stimulates collagen that will tighten and rejuvenate. The treatment is tolerable and immediately after your skin is visibly tighter, as the collagen fibres contract. Over the following weeks, the deep heat treatment continues to tighten and firm your skin. After around three to six months, you’ll notice the improved definition of contours and jawline, increased firmness, reduction of lines and improved hydration and vitality.


Laser is an innovative, non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment that is particularly good for reducing skin redness and rosacea. It also shrinks pores, smooths wrinkles and improves skin texture, tone and the appearance of scars. It works by gently heating the upper layer of skin through distributing laser energy over thousands of micro pulses. This stimulates collagen to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Thread Therapy

The thread lift is a “minimally invasive procedure for the face, neck, or jowls in which threads, which have small cones/graspers on them, are passed under the skin via a large needle,” The results of THREAD LIFT can last up to a decade, whereas a thread lift will generally last from one to three years.

Anti-wrinkle Injections – To Reduce Platsymal Bands

Injectable anti-wrinkle treatments involve small amounts of the toxin is injected into specific areas of the face and neck to weaken the muscle movement. This prevents the muscles from contracting to form wrinkles, or from bulging to form a ‘turkey neck’ appearance. 

( The Treatments Are Tailor Made After The Doctor Has Diagnosed Your Skin )

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