Small Chin

Small Chin

Receding Weak Chin Quick Non Surgical Fix

What Is a Weak Chin?

A weak chin, also referred to as a receding chin or recessive chin, refers to a lower jaw bone that is either less developed (a congenital disability) or pushed back into the TMJ (chin recession), creating a chin and jawline that look like it leans inward toward the body. This makes the chin less pronounced, and it can create an unbalanced facial appearance.
A strong jawline is a coveted feature for both men and women.
The end goal may be different between men and women, with men preferring a strong angular angle of the jaw, border, and chin, and women aiming for a softer yet defined jawline.

Jowls are the bane of the aging face, no matter what the sex. Also, depending on your skin’s innate characteristics, lifestyle, environment, and weight changes, jowls can appear as early as the 30’s.

When evaluating the face, it is often assessed in 1/3’s. The lower third of the face extends from just under the nose, to the chin.
Looking at the lower face as a whole, there are certain key elements to a beauty.

Starting From The Bottom Up:

  1. Cervicomental Angle
  2. Proportionate Chin
  3. Sharp Jawline
  4. Lack of Jowls
  5. Defined Jawline Angle

6.  Lack of Marionette Lines or Folds
7.  Upturned Corners of the Mouth (Oral Commissures)
8.  Smooth Skin on the Upper Lip
9.  Moderate Full Volume in the Lips
10.Philtral Column Definition

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( The Treatments Are Tailor Made After The Doctor Has Diagnosed Your Skin )

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