Electric Padding

Electric Padding

Fast results with minimal downtime

The new short-cut to weight-loss!!

For those who are looking for quick results when it comes to losing weight are opting for Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS). “EMS is an electrical mode of stimulation of the motor end plate, thereby keeping a paralysed or partially paralysed muscle active. However, in recent times, people without any ailment are using this treatment to keep their muscles active and toned,”
In simple words, EMS delivers a painless current through the patient’s skin to specific nerves, to elicit a muscle contraction, thereby causing muscle twitching. This way, a local massage is created facilitating better ‘local blood flow’.
Although EMS devices will not allow you to sit on the couch eating bon bons while you build biceps like an Avenger, it can help with recovery, relaxation and even burning some fat

Electric Padding

Can You Lose Fat With Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)?

Can you actually “shock” yourself fit?
The impulse that passes to your muscles from EMS mirrors the electrical stimulation your brain and nervous system uses to activate your muscle fibers.

When you perform a bicep curl, a squat or any other exercise, your muscle fibers need to contract.

The only way they do this is be receiving an ‘action potential’ from your central nervous system.

An electrical message is sent from your brain, down the superhighway of your nervous system , and across small gaps at the end of neurons called synapses.

Once these electrical messages hit the bed of your muscle, the message becomes chemical. It’s then able to travel through your tissue to the group of fibers that needed to work.

And from there, your muscle contracts, shortens and lifts the weight.

Your muscles are under conscious control.

It’s you that decides to lift a weight.

But EMS hijacks your nervous system by simulating the action potential sent from your brain. It more or less overrides it.

Electric Padding

What is EMS?

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is a device that uses electrical impulses to subconsciously activate your muscles.

You place various electrodes on your body. They stick to your skin and provide contact for the impulse to pass through.

Some are just small devices and others are more like bodysuits, in which you have to wear water-soaked clothing and a huge box on your back that looks like a generator.

The idea is to either lie there and let the electrical stimulation ‘switch on’ your muscle fibers. Or you can exercise while wearing the device.

Procedure time:20 to 30 mins


Duration of results:4 to 6 weeks

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