Face Fat Removal

Face Fat Removal

Reshape and smoothen


Enhance and define

Injectables Facial Contouring

At the MELOCARE Aesthetic Derma Clinic, we use small injections to slim, define and contour the jawline and cheek areas, resulting in a more attractive, slimmer facial appearance. This treatment is ideal for those individuals with chubby cheeks and a square-shaped jawline.

The procedure is safe and straightforward with minimal or no downtime.

Prior to the treatment

MELOCARE’S experienced medical team will examine your facial structure and identify the muscles that require contouring treatment.

During the Treatment

A series of thin needle injections will be applied to the facial area and directly to the spots that require treatment. The pain is minimal and we always avoid bruising.

After the Treatment

You should avoid rubbing or massaging the area for 6 hours to prevent infection. Specific post-procedure care instructions will be given to you on the day.


Generally, it will take about 6 weeks before you see the full effect. By the end of the first week, you may notice that your muscles feel a lot softer. Results will typically last between 6 months to a year and a half. Sometimes more than a single treatment may be necessary for maximal results, especially if muscles are quite bulky.

Why choose MELOCARE for your Facial Contouring?

Our Specialist Doctor is an expert in medical and aesthetic dermatology in India. We provide an in-depth skincare service that combines your aesthetic appearance with your medical background. This means that we can tailor the latest skin treatments at an affordable price achieving excellent results.

Products: The products used are all FDA approved and tested to be safe. They contain natural and synthetic ingredients that help enhance and protect the skin.

Patient care and satisfaction: We take pride in excellent patient care and experience and we will ensure your consultation and treatments are as informative, comfortable and professional as possible. Our doctor will ensure that you are clear and happy with the treatment received.

Get the Look You Want: Injections for Facial Contouring

Many people assume injections are only for reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. And they’re great for that—like scientifically-proven level great. But did you know injections can actually be way more versatile?

What is DA Facial Contouring Injection?

DA facial contouring injection destroys unnecessary facial fat to create a slim v-line face to result in small and slender face.

Principals of Facial Contouring Injection

Facial contouring injection treats areas with increased amount of facial fat to destroy the fat cells and boost blood and lymph circulation to help drain out the bodily fluids and create a slim facial line. Also, it is a simple procedure for those who want a quick procedure for facial contour improvement.

Best candidates for face conturing :

1. Those who have lots of fat around there cheek and chin
2. Those who want a v line in a short amount of time

Procedure time:20 mins


Duration of results:2 to 4 years


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