IPL Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal
IPL Laser Hair Removal

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An Introduction To Ipl Laser Hair Removal

Our team of nurses and practitioners have been delivering hair removal treatments for many years. We have invested in advanced, modern IPL Laser machines which are effective and which improve your comfort. We specialise in a range of treatments including:

Facial hair removal
Upper lip hair removal
Underarm & Bikini Hair removal
Legs, back, nipple & chest hair removal

We have treated many clients with a wide range of skin types and have learned the subtleties of using Laser hair removal to get the best results for you. IPL can be a complex area and practitioner training and experience are very important.

IPL Laser Hair Removal

The Benefits Of Ipl Laser Hair Removal

Hair that is in the growth cycle will be permanently removed. You’ll need series of at least 6 treatments to remove most of the unwanted hair.

Depending on the area of unwanted hair, you can be in and out in just a 30-minute appointment.

We use the IPL-Laser which uses advanced technology to make it one of the safest hair removal systems available and suitable for all skin colours.

How Does It Work?

Based on technology used for a couple of decades, Laser hair removal has been performed safely for many years, effectively eliminating dozens of hairs with each pulse. The laser is the first technology proven to treat unwanted hair safely on any skin type.

Our system uses laser and bi-polar radio frequency energies to damage the hair follicle. This disables your follicle from growing hair, which means that gradually over several treatments, you will see a permanent reduction in the amount of hair in that area.

We reviewed and tested many different laser skin hair removal devices. The technology is continually evolving and manufacturers are frequently updating their laser hair removal devices and launching upgrades.

This hair removal laser and combined IPL machine is among the best available and produces some superb patient results supported by clinical trials.

Procedure time:10 mins to 60 mins


Duration of results:lifetime


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