Jaw Contouring

Jaw Contouring

Reshape & define

Jawline Sculpting

A poorly defined jawline can be genetic and can affect a patient’s overall confidence. At the MELOCARE Clinic, hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are injected under the skin to tighten, define and contour the jawline area.

This procedure is safe and straightforward with minimal or no downtime.

Jawline Contouring

Ever dreamt of a contoured jawline? Jawline Reshaping using advanced Dermal Fillers is the perfect option for improving the definition of your side profile, whilst also having a slimming effect.

Non-surgical jaw enhancement

Jawline Filler has fast become one of the hottest trends of the year and fast becoming one of the most popular treatments that we offer. If you want a beautifully sculpted jawline, we can help you get that. Our highly experienced clinicians use only the best FDA approved products to achieve a natural looking result that will leave you oozing with confidence.

Prior to treatment

A topical anesthetic will be applied 15-30 minutes prior to treatment to numb the area.

The procedure

You will be given a series of small injections on the jawline area. The doctor will then massage the area treated to properly apply the product. Our jawline fillers contain an additional local anesthetic to help minimize any possible discomfort. Any further requirements can be discussed with the doctor at this time.

After the Treatment

Please avoid touching or applying make up in the treated area for at least 6 hours after the treatment. This is to prevent any possibility of infection. Specific post-procedure care instructions will be given to you on the day of your treatment.

Why choose us for your Jawline Sculpting ?

Our Specialist Doctor is an expert in medical and aesthetic dermatology Delhi. We provide an in-depth skincare service that combines your aesthetic appearance with your medical background. This means that we can tailor the latest skin treatments at an affordable price achieving excellent results.

Products:The products used are all FDA approved and tested to be safe. They contain natural and synthetic ingredients that help enhance and protect the skin.

Patient care and satisfaction: We take pride in excellent patient care and experience and we will ensure your consultation and treatments are as informative, comfortable and professional as possible. Our doctor will ensure that you are clear and happy with the treatment received.


The results can be seen immediately and can last up to 12 months. As the dermal filler effect is temporary, adjustments can be made in your future treatments according to your facial characteristics, to help you maintain a natural, elegant look.

Procedure time:30 -40 mins.

Downtime:3-4 days.

Duration of results:6- 24 months


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