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Why spend so much time on your makeup when you could use an applicator to apply a perfect look in seconds? With Melocare (Permanent Makeup Studio in Green Park Delhi) you can use permanent makeup it is also user-friendly for those with unsteady hands or poor eyesight.

If you’re wondering how permanent makeup works or if it’s safe, read on. There are many questions such as if the eyeliner can be removed after applying it, that are answered in this article.

When you are considering cosmetic surgery, the word “permanent” usually causes anxiety. But this can be beneficial to some people depending on a variety of factors.

Dr Megha Nagpal, a cosmetic dermatologist, spoke to us about permanent pigmentation and why it might be the right choice for you.

What is permanent makeup?
Permanent makeup, also known as a cosmetic tattoo, is achieved with the use of ink. The ink is dispersed onto the skin and allows people to achieve the look of makeup.
Tattoos can be used as eyeliners or lipsticks, or to create thicker eyebrows and camouflage scars.

What does permanent makeup do?
Dr Megha Nagpal says anyone can have the procedure done while mentioning it may be sought out by people with physical limitations.
With the help of surgery, people with cataracts, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease or a stroke can use makeup to improve their appearance and also avoid physical challenges.
Patients who have allergies to traditional makeup or to specific ingredients will benefit from the cosmetic solution offered by Curology. Those who need medical treatment for scars, cancer, or hair loss will find practical use of this affordable product.

Are these tattoos really permanent?

Applying permanent makeup can be difficult to remove, and it has some risks involved. Removing tattoo pigment has been called a long, painful, and expensive process- ink can’t always be removed completely.
While this makeup never washes off, it will fade over time. This is because skin cells are constantly replaced and so you may need to revisit the makeup again at a later date.

Where can I find the best practitioners in my area?

Melocare Skin Care Clinic in South Delhi is the best option for you. Dr Megha Nagpal says that to know if permanent makeup is for you, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • Learn about permanent makeup from one of our experts
  • Proof that you should use permanent makeup

You want your tattoo artist to use medical-grade and high-quality ink. They should also be able to provide natural results that require little or no follow-up care.
Be sure to ask for credentials or certification from a dermatologist before scheduling any procedure. Always visit the office before and after your appointment, to see if it is clean. Consider visiting more than one place and ask yourself, after talking with them, if you feel you can trust them.
Check out the facilities with a doctor and make sure you have their consent to receive anaesthesia.

What are the risks of micro-pigmentation?

If needles are not properly sterilized, this can lead to infections.
When dealing with tattoos, the doctor said that your body can react to ink particles and form areas of inflamed tissue. The nanoparticles in ink can trigger an immune response in some cases, too.

Is Permanent Makeup Good For Us?

“Reactions can be hard to treat, but doing a small test area on your skin before you do the whole tattoo will avoid reactions.”
Bleeding, crusting, swelling, loss of eyelashes, severe eyelid injury and ectropion can all be possible complications.
Tattoos can interfere with cranial MRI scans. Sometimes this will lead to the development of swelling and/or burning in the area of the tattoo.

How much does permanent makeup cost?

It’s difficult to assign a standard price for cosmetic procedures, but it will depend on the desires of the customer and the time involved in the work.
Focus on finding the right place first, then factor in cost. Melocare Permanent Makeup Studio in Green Park Delhi is the best place to solve your all skin problems.

Permanent makeup and tattoo differences

Remember that your facial features will change over time, so make sure the decision to have permanent makeup is one you’re sure about.
“Beauty trends also change with time. Full lips and thick eyebrows are flooding social media these days, but this may not be the case five or 10 years from now,” Dr. Megha Nagpal says. “We always recommend starting with a minimalistic approach to look natural— because less is more”

It is difficult to create fake eyebrows that are life-like enough with ink, according to Ashley.
What to expect after getting your permanent makeup
Your practitioner will advise you if you need more treatments to remove your tattoo, but keep in mind that fading pigment is a normal occurrence for these tattoos.
There is a reason micro pigmentation is considered permanent. When it comes to the face you show to the world, you want to make sure you’ve fully and carefully considered the commitment you’re making.

Learn what permanent makeup is in this series
Is a face tattoo your way to go when you wake up? A few tidbits on the different cosmetic tattoos you can get and how they work.
With permanent makeup, you can be prepared before heading out the door in the morning. This is done by tattooing markings on one’s face that make it easier to apply makeup and creates a natural look.

Permanent makeup provides the ability to create your favourite makeup looks in a semi-permanent manner. But brows are just the beginning, you can now get pink lips and sharp eyes too. Permanent makeup has gained popularity recently thanks to the rise in interest in eyebrows over recent years which has led to an increased demand for microblading.



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