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Cost of Thread Lifting in Delhi

Everyone in today’s fast-paced world seeks immediate fixes for every issue. Rarely do people have the patience to wait for the cumulative effects of topical anti-aging medicines if they want to maintain their good looks and stop the clock from ticking. Also, one’s final expectations may not line up with the outcomes of using topical medications.

In order to achieve dramatic effects, the face lift surgery was developed as a single step. But a surgical face lift has its own advantages and disadvantages, and who wants to go under the knife?

So, Thread Lift, a cutting-edge procedure that offers advantages comparable to those of a surgical face lift “without” the surgery, offers a ray of hope from all sides!


What is thread lift?

A minimally invasive technique called a “thread lift,” often known as a “face lift,” involves inserting dissolvable sutures under the skin to “raise” and reposition the facial tissue.
The thread lift procedure raises drooping skin on the neck, midface, and forehead by using a specific, implanted surgical thread. The loose tissue on the forearm and belly can also be tightened using threads in addition to the face.


Thread Lifting

How does it function?

Resorption of bone, shrinkage of face fat, loss of muscle mass, and degradation of dermal collagen and elastin are all symptoms of ageing. Clinically, these alterations appear as skin wrinkling, folds, and creases together with remanent tissue sagging from gravity.
By realigning the facial tissues, a thread face lift can remove these indications of ageing without any risks associated with open surgery.

Thread lift uses biocompatible polydioxadione (PDO) threads that dissolve into the deeper dermis after six months of implantation.
The sole objective of threads is to reduce lines and smooth out folds by raising the skin at a deeper level.
With threads, your face looks instantly more lifted and less saggy. The deeper dermis is simultaneously stimulated to make more collagen in the direction of the threads, increasing the rigidity of the skin.
The end result is skin that is more supple and youthful looking and has an anti-aging effect that is stimulated and lasts for about 18 to 24 months.
This process is significantly more profitable and economical!


What advantages does thread lift offer?

Thread lifts have a variety of advantages, such as the following:


How is the process carried out?

A minimally invasive procedure is a thread lift. It is carried out under sterile circumstances with strict aseptic measures.

The steps in the process are:

  • The customer is instructed to lie comfortably in a recliner.
  • The customer is draped with a sterile sheet.
  • It is carefully washed and sterilised on the face.
  • The skin is indicated with the placement direction and suture line.
  • For the surgery to be painless, local anaesthesia is administered.
  • PDO threads mounted on needles are inserted starting at the entrance sites in the previously indicated direction.
  • The threads remain inside the skin layers as the needles are gently removed one at a time.
  • The sutures’ filaments are deposited into the facial folds that are drooping.
  • The threads are gently pulled to lift the sagging skin and place it in a more youthful position.
  • In the conclusion, antibacterial cream is used.


Thread Lifting

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